Special sewing thread

Fibrillated PP wires with or without twisting for detonating cords, made according to the technical specifications of the client, with electronic screening and inspection of titles (denier).

Lifting loops

Cross corner

It has an open fastening strap on the big bag. It has load capacity, useful height and fixing size to be defined according to the needs of each customer.

Side Seam Loops

Attached to the side of the big bag, it has useful height and fastening that is defined according to the specific need of each client. Also taken into account are the maximum working load and the safety factor.


They are fixed on the Cross Corner or Side Seam Loops. They are designed to turn the four lifting points into just two.

Loops with rings

They are fixed to each of the Cross Corner or Side Seam Loops. They are intended to assist the operator at the time of the lifting device.

Filling options

Full open top

It has a total upper opening, with no possibility of closing.


It has an upper opening with skirt, allowing closure.

Standard filling spout

It has a top valve, with diameter to be defined, and with the possibility of closing.

Filling with top flap

It has a top flap, with possibility of closing.

Discharge options

Plain base

It has a closed bottom, without opening, to unload the product.

Standard discharge spout

It has bottom with valve for discharge, with diameter to be defined, and with the possibility of closing.

Bottom with eyelets

It has bottom with discharge device, with locking aid with tie of tie and guide of eyelets.

Full open base

It has a bottom with skirt, making it possible to close.

Protection options


It has internally fixed baffes, which allow a better distribution of the product, avoiding excessive dilation during transportation and storage.


It has liner, to guarantee the impermeability of the packaging and to facilitate the flow of the product, being able to be loose or glued, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the product.

Liner with baffes

It has internal liner with internally fixed baffes, for better distribution of the product and to prevent leaks or contamination in the internal product.

Special models

Pallet Free

Support that does not attack the packaging, as it does not present any fumes, nails, there is no need to perform chemical work (fumigation) substitute ideal for the wooden pallet.


Produced with four handles to facilitate the movement, used as a packer of packaging packages, facilitating the handling, transportation, without the problems arising from the use of conventional and low cost pallets.

Bonsucesso Têxtil is a member of the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA) and is ISO 9001/2008 certified.

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